Chest congestion is a kind of medical condition, which involves the inflammation of the lower respiratory tract causing difficulty in breathing. During this period, most people experience pain and other discomforting states. When a foreign body, an allergy, bacteria or even a virus infects the body, the body’s immune system responds to this through inflammation. The inflammation is usually accompanied by mucus, which are usually produced to protect the linings of the chest, which instead accumulates in the chest region thus causing chest congestion. Severe Chest congestion is usually loud and can be heard as a crackling sound in the chest region. Other common causes of chest congestion include allergens, fungi, common cold, asthma, and pneumonia and air pollution.

Some of the symptoms of chest congestion include tiredness, due to the reduced supply of oxygen to the lungs and labored breathing. There is also tightened chest, which is usually accompanied with coughing. Coughing is the most natural way for the lungs to clear out thickened mucus deposit in the chest.

There are several ways to clear chest congestion. These methods include using common sense, herbal treatment and using medical prescription. The first and the most common method is using over the counter medication. Most patients who suffer from chest congestion are prescribed expectorants. Expectorants are medications that break mucus apart hence making it easier for somebody to cough and expel them from the chest and out of the body. There are many over the counter expectorants and the good thing about them is that they are also safe for children under the age of six. However, with such cases, a medical advice is often recommended for the best expectorant for the child.

The second remedy for chest congestion is by avoiding suppressants. Suppressants are usually used to minimize coughing but at the same time, they make the mucus around the chest region thick. Therefore, when you have chest congestion, avoid any form of suppressant or expectorant combo to suppress coughing. It is important to realize that coughing is normal and healthy when you have chest congestion. In case, the coughing is too uncomfortable, take ginger cough drops. The ginger will help in breaking the mucus while at the same time cough drop will help in soothing the sore throat.

In the third method, use a mentholated cream. Thick creams of mentholated cream give off a strong scent, which helps in making your breathing easier. However, it should be noted that, this medication does not break the mucus but instead opens up the passageways making breathing much easier.

Steam inhaling is another powerful treatment. Steam treatment has proved to be one of the best ways of treating chest congestions. In this treatment, one is expected to take hot water in a bowl and then mix the water with some drops of any essential oil from pine, eucalyptus, and even rosemary. Eucalyptus oil is very effective and can be found in any medical store. Eucalyptus leaves can also be used. After mixing, incline over the bowl in such a way that you allow steam to enter your nostrils. After that cover your head with towel such that you cover the entire bucket so that the steam cannot escape. Inhale the steam for a few minutes or seconds. This steam loosens up the hardened mucus so that it can be easily coughed out of the body.

After recovery, ensure you protect yourself from another infection. You can do this by maintaining a proper hygiene and taking Vitamin C rich food, which helps in increasing body immunity.

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